Date Event Location Organiser
December 05-07 Turkish NMR Meeting Istanbul, Turkey TUBITAK
November 13-16 EAST-NMR Annual User Meeting Lasko, Slovenia NIC, MU
September 16-19

CEUM 2012 – 14th Central and Eastern European NMR Symposium & 14th Central and Eastern European Bruker Users’ Meeting

EAST-NMR regional satellite meeting

Varna, Golden Sands, Bulgaria IOCCP-BAS, BRUKER
May 16-18 2nd EAST-NMR Young Investigators' Meeting Bratislava, Slovakia ICSAS
May 9-10 From Chemical to Systems Biology - Peptide Synthesis & Protein Production/Labeling Patras, Greece UPAT (Univ. of Patras)
Sep 19 Greek NMR Users Meeting Athens, Greece UPAT (Univ. of Patras) and Bruker AG
Sept. 8-9 EAST-NMR regional meeting Bratislava, Slovakia ICSAS
Aug 30 - 31 EAST-NMR satellite workshop of 4ECCLS Budapest,
Aug 21-25 EUROMAR 2011 joint with the 33rd Discussion Meeting of the MR Spectroscopy Division of the GDCh and the 8th European Federation of EPR Groups Meeting Frankfurt, Germany
June 15-17 EAST-NMR regional meeting Riga, Latvia LIOS
Jan 24 - 27 EAST-NMR User Conference & Progress Meeting Brno,
Czech Republic
Oct 30 - Nov 2, EAST-NMR regional meeting Sofia, Bulgaria BulNMR (Bulgarian NMR Centre)
Sep 29 - Okt 1 1st EAST-NMR Young Investigators' Meeting Istanbul, Turkey
Sep 19 - 27 EAST-NMR regional meeting (satellite meeting to 18th EURO QSAR meeting) Rhodes, Greece UPAT (Univ. of Patras)
Sep 15 - 17 EAST-NMR regional meeting Riga, Latvia LIOS (Latvian Inst. Organic Synthesis)
Jul 4 - 9 EUROMAR 2010 & 17th ISMAR Joint Conference: A World Wide Magnetic Resonance Conference Florence, Italy
Jun 26 - Jul 1 35th FEBS Congress: Molecules of Life Göteborg, Sweden
Jun 8 - 9 EAST-NMR regional meeting in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Israeli Magnetic Resonance Society Tel Aviv, Israel WEIZMANN
Jan 18 - 21 1st EAST-NMR Annual User Meeting Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands
Dec 15 - 16 EAST-NMR Regional Scientific Event: biomolecular applications of high-resolution NMR and theoretical aspects of NMR parameters Bratislava,
Slovak Academy of Sciences (IMB-SAS)
Dec 11 Joint meeting with the NMR workgroup of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest,
Oct 9 - 10 EAST-NMR National/Regional Scientific Event: Introduction to (bio(medical)) NMR Tallinn-Laulasmaa,
Jul 5 - 9 EUROMAR 2009 Magnetic Resonance Conference Göteborg, Sweden
Jul 4 Biological Magnetic Moments, A satellite symposium of the FEBS Annual Congress Prague,
Czech Republic
Jun 15 - 18 Structuring a Pan-European Bio-NMR Community Florence, Italy
Feb 11 - 15 Magnetic Moments Pre-Conference Ototec,
Feb 10 - 11 Magnetic Moments Pre-Conference: EAST-NMR Kick-off Meeting Ototec,









Date Event Location Organiser
Aug 22, 2011 EAST-NMR Progress Meeting Frankfurt, Germany BMRZ
Jan 26 - 28, 2011 EAST-NMR Progress Meeting Brno, Czech Republic MU
Jan 11, 2010 EAST-NMR Annual User Meeting Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands UNIUT
Jan 15, 2009 Structuring a Pan-European Bio-NMR Community  Florence, Italy CIRMMP